Anna’s Artist Agency

Generating a significant International Buzz within the entertainment industry    .... about you, your project or your product.

Artist booking

Triple-A bookings is an intermediary between people, companies and products. We offer unrivalled service and a broad network, offering our clients the best possible opportunities for furthering their career, whether that be an established artist or a rising star.

Bookings for stage live performances America roots music and Southern Rock among other

Promotion & Marketing

Building Names "in an international massive entertainment media network"

  • Effective Online Social media promotion
  • Offline Press Release promotion
  • Building notoriety


I’m working with those just starting out & those who are already established; everyone is welcome.
International massive entertainment media network!

Able to market 'anything creative' (Music, Films, Books, Persons & Artwork)

 Triple A bookings is all about communication & connecting people @Artwork!